Farrah Fawcett will always be on our Aquarius A-list. Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

As we head into February, the novelty of the new year’s resolution may have worn away, but that shouldn’t impact your commitment. Whether your intention is to get around to last year’s spring cleaning or learn to row like a Winklevoss twin, astrologer Susie Cox has a piece of advice to get you through Aquarius season.


Happy Birthday, exciting Aquarius! Mercury, the planet of intelligence, is in your sign until February 3rd so this will be a good birthday month for you. Reach out to as many people as you can and get together with friends for a birthday celebration and remember to tell them how much you care about them. Also, focus on any communication you are doing now.


Venus will be in your sign of Pisces until February 5th. This is the best time for a little self-pampering. Is it time for a spa day or at least a mani and pedi? You will be in the mood for making yourself as well as your surroundings even more beautiful. If you are in the mood to buy some art… now is the time.


You are lucky now, Aries. Venus will be in your sign from February 8th until March 5th. Venus will bring you joy and a sense of excitement. Make a list of all the new things you want to experience and prioritize them. Check them off one at a time as soon as you have moved forward. You will want to start several new projects.


There are many planets in earth signs now that are connecting with your earthy Sun in Taurus. Now is your time to focus on what you want to accomplish. You will have some influential people who are interested in helping you now. Take advantage of their generosity and succeed.


This will be a month of creativity for you, dear Gemini. You have lots of ideas that you want to accomplish and now is the time. Bring out all your tools to help you expand your horizons. If you are ready to paint that wall a bright color, just do it. You will be surprised at how cool it looks. What else do you want to paint?


The North Node is in your sign of Cancer and will be there until June 2020. That is the point of your destiny and is the best time for you to be a leader for your family. If there is an important family project that needs some direction – you are the one to do it. Everyone will be so glad you took charge and you will have lots of help.


The Full Moon is on February 9th and it’s in your sign of Leo! This is the best Full Moon of the year to get dressed up and go out on the town. The Leo in you is always the center of attention and you will be easily command center stage with the Full Moon in Leo. Be bold and powerful. Remember that Leo is the sign of Royalty.


Your power dates this month are February 9th to 12th. There is a perfect triangle in the sky between your Sun and the other numerous planets. Earth signs rock now as you will soon see! You will have people sponsoring or supporting you most of this month, particularly mid-February. Schedule your important meetings now.


Libra is the diplomat of the Zodiac and that skill might come in handy this month. There are business dealings that can be intense and you will be the one who is best suited to sort things out. What seems obvious to you is hidden to others. Be strong as many people will be looking at you now for guidance.


The Moon will be in Scorpio for Valentine’s Day this year. Even if you are not in a relationship now, you will feel special around that time. Try to get out of your shell and be as social as you can mid-February. Venture out and do things you have never experienced before. You will have a good time, guaranteed.


Mars is moving through your sign of Sagittarius now and will leave on February 15th. This last month has been off the charts busy and it won’t slow down until mid-February. Check your list of all the things that you wanted to do and wrap them up by that time. This is a push that happens only once every 2 years, so use it!


Capricorn is absolutely dominating the solar system now, and will continue to do so for a while. To make it even stronger, Mars will be in Cap from February 15th through March 31st. This is your year to plan for a change in your life and act on it while Mars is there to help you. Make changes and make them Big. This only happens once in a lifetime, so do it right.