A closer look at the inspiration for our Spring 2020 collection.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a runway piece speaks to at least as many inspiration points. Before turning to the actual task of designing, the Tory Burch design team establishes a collection’s prevailing mood by pulling together reference images, culled from art catalogues and vintage magazines and iPhone photographs taken on scouting trips. These seemingly disparate parts cohere into a constellation of mood that sets the collection in motion.

The inspiration pillar for Spring 2020 was Diana Spencer—a style icon, yes, but also intelligent, benevolent and audacious. From there, the inspiration folders filled with swatches of 80s florals, overlap dresses straight out of Sloane Square, and antique sculptures whose curves are reflected in our new Cleo bag. The collection’s feminine garden floral prints nod to Britain’s verdant countryside, while strong, 80s-inspired silhouettes link to Tory’s own memories of the decade. Like we said, everything comes from something.