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We’re midway through March, a month that is starting to feel more like a lifetime. While the general population is home for the foreseeable future and you’re likely crawling up the walls, now is as good a time as any to do something nice for yourself. Take a bath, Write that letter (not an email, a letter)! Binge watch that show you’ve been meaning to see but never had the time for. Heck, create your own show. Here, astrologer Susie Cox has some advice to get us through this extra-tricky Aries season.

Aries (March 19th – April 19th)


Happy Birthday,Aries! This will be a wonderful birthday month for you. The planet of communication, Mercury, will enter Aries on April 10th and will remain there until April 26th. Focus on connecting with people during that time. Also, if you have any writing to do, this is your chance.


Venus will still be in your lovely sign of Taurus until April 2nd. Make sure you are pampering yourself during this time. If you see some art you really love, now is the time to buy it. See it as an investment, dear Taurus. Venus is the planet associated with your sign, so you have a wonderful connection with
this planet of love.


You are being blessed now by Venus, dear Gemini. This loving planet will be in your sign for a very, long time. Why? Venus will be doing a retrograde and will remain in Gemini from April 2nd all the way until August 6th! Just know that this summer will bring love, art, creativity, joy and new beginnings that you can’t even imagine. Lucky Gemini!


Since there are so many planets in your opposite sign of Capricorn, you are definitely being affected. Don’t feel bad if you are feeling a big heavier or more serious than
normal. It’s a Capricorn thing. The New Moon in Cancer on March 31st is a time to start fresh. Set new intentions around that date.


Your power dates this month are April 1st – 3rd, when you will have a surprise event occur that will rock you. Not necessarily a bad situation, but something involving other people that will affect you. Stand tall and you will help
things get resolved.


Early April will be a time for you to get things done, and easily. There are so many other planets in earth signs that are supporting you now, that you can hardly go wrong. Be as busy as your Virgo can handle and still do a good job. Business
and money are a focus now.


The Full Moon will be in your sign of Libra on April 7th and it will be a wild one for you. Make plans now to do something unusual and exciting, especially for your gentle Libra. Be bold, brave and adventurous. You will surprise yourself with how confident you are in this new experience. You are stronger than
you realize.


Relationships will be a main focus for you this month, Scorpio. There will likely be some unusual family events that will occur during mid-April. People will be a bit thrown off and will have to regroup. You will be the steady one out of the bunch and they will listen to you.


You will have a sudden new attitude appear this month, dear Sag. This has been brewing for quite a while and is finally ready to energy now. Not everyone will be happy with your new, more outspoken style. But that’s because they are used to you
doing what they want. You are now more in charge of yourself, which is a good thing.


Yes, there is a big, important Capricorn Party of planets that have been gathering for a while. This has put a lot of pressure on you, dear Cap. But you are getting a break soon because by the end of March both Saturn and Mars will leave Capricorn to enter Aquarius. You will feel a bit lighter by then. But make sure you finish your projects before that time.


Some of the Capricorn Party of planets are moving into your sign of Aquarius now. By the end of March, both Saturn and Mars will be in your sign to bring some focus and business understanding your way. Mars will be in Aquarius until May 11thto get you extra motivated. Saturn will be in Aquarius for the next 2 ½ years,
which will strengthen you. Much more on that in the future.


Mercury just did a retrograde in your sign of Pisces. Did you let some patterns go during
that cycle? Mercury will still be in your sign until April 9th. Use this time to start fresh after the recent release you did last month. What makes you happy? Now is the time to begin anew.