Lemon Series by Johnathan Scofield.
Collecting art can be daunting endeavor. It’s a commitment to a certain piece at a sometimes-intimidating price. It’s also what gave Georgia Spray, a Christie’s and White Cube alum, the idea to launch Partnership Editions in 2017.

“Partnership Editions is designed to provide an entry-point for collecting art, where anyone can engage with emerging artists in a new way,” says Spray of her London-based business. Through the website, collectors can browse artwork by 24 emerging artists, all curated by Spray. She meticulously selects each artist — based in cities around the world, from London to New York to Johannesburg — sourcing them through degree shows, Instagram and word-of-mouth. In addition, Partnership Editions offers studio visits, supper clubs, talks and workshops throughout the UK and, more recently, has pivoted to hosting virtual art classes with the featured artists. Head over to their website or Instagram to explore upcoming events as well as an incredible assortment of contemporary artwork for your ever-growing gallery wall.

Top left, Monumental Curve I by Venetia Berry. Top right, Lemon II by Johnathan Scofield. Below, Yellow Towel by Isabella Cotier.