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From September 22nd through October 22nd, fun-loving Libras are the center of attention. But not to worry, there’s something in store for all the star signs. Astrologer and Tory Daily contributor Susie Cox gives us the low-down.


Happy Birthday, beautiful Libra. Yes, beauty belongs to you and your planet Venus. Your Libra Sun is being stimulated by a very strong Mars in your opposite sign of Aries. You will feel strong, almost invincible this birthday month. Now is your time to roar, of course in a very Libra style.


This is an important time for you, Scorpio. Mercury enters your sign on September 27th then turns retrograde on October 13th. Mercury will then go direct November 3rd and won’t leave Scorpio until December 2nd. With such a long stay in your sign, plan to release as much as you can. Later is the rebirth but now is the purge.


Your power date is the week of September 21st. This is the time to do negotiations with high powered people. The meetings will be easy and you will very likely get what you want. Be as charming as your Sag can muster and don’t dominate the conversation.


Your sign of Capricorn has been the center of attention for years and has intensified in the last few months. But the Capricorn Party is soon coming to an end in December, so the best time for you do accomplish you goals is now and before the end of the year. You’ve had ample time to prepare . . . the finish line is near.


This is an important notice, Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn of the Capricorn Party are headed your way and will soon be the Aquarius Party. Prepare for your life changing drastically starting at the end of this year and most definitely next year. Put all your ducks in order now as you have about three months to prepare. 2021 is your year . . . 2020 wasn’t.


The last week in September will be a flash from the past. You will likely reconnect with old friends or lovers. Are you completely finished with them or do you have some more work to be done? These are Karmic relationships from past lives, dear Pisces. Are you ready to finish them once and for all?


The Full Moon is in Aries and it’s even better than that. Mars is also in Aries and is energizing you from now through the end of the year. Mars will do a long retrograde in Aries, so you are in for a wild ride. Use this Full Moon to set intentions for your new life.


The first week in October will bring some surprising news. At first you might be shocked, as Taurus don’t usually like change, but you will soon realize it is the best path to take. Be as open minded as you can to new opportunities. Change can be a good thing, even for a Taurus.


The North Node is in Gemini and will be guiding you for the next year or more. Now is your time to set your intentions for the next year. Think Big, Gemini. Your power dates this month to do an intention ceremony are October 6th – 9th. Define your dreams and they will appear. Your are planting the seed now.


This is your month to stand up and be strong, not just for you but for others too. You will feel like the mother hen protecting her chicks. As a result, you will have enhanced inner strength and of course will come out ahead.


Venus will still be in your sign of Leo until October 2nd, so be sure to enjoy her while she is there. She won’t be in Leo again for another year. Pamper yourself, buy some art or better yet, create some art. Redesign something, but you better do it fast to ride with Venus.


Once Venus leaves Leo, she will grace Virgo and those dates are October 3rd – 27th. During that time, make something more beautiful in your life. Isn’t there something that needs to be cleaned or fixed? Now is your chance to remedy a problem and make it more pleasing at the same time.









ここ何年も、山羊座の話題でもちきりでしたが、この数ヵ月間はさらに盛り上がっていたはず。山羊座の惑星達の滞在は、まもなく12月に終わります。今から年末までは、目標を成し遂げるためのラストスパート。たっぷり時間をかけて頑張ってきたのですから! ゴールは目の前です。
















金星が獅子座を去り、乙女座へと入ってきます。滞在するのは、10月3日から27日まで。その間に、あなたの人生にさらに磨きをかけましょう。掃除や修理が必要なものはありませんか? いまは問題を改善する絶好のチャンスです。今なら、楽しみながら取り組めるはずです。