“The Spring/Summer 2021 collection was inspired by memories. The purposeful craftsmanship of classrooms in my Quaker elementary school; woven baskets hanging in the mud room on our farm in Valley Forge; handmade quilts from Pennsylvania Dutch shops I used to visit in Reading, and hand-crafted details from the places around the world I have been to and hope to see again.

Beauty rests in utility. A Shaker maxim that reflects the mindset my team and I were in while designing this collection. We worked through the challenges of uncertainty, isolation, and distance, using our imaginations to travel in our minds and to find new ways to connect. We emerged with a renewed interest in restraint, simplicity and creativity, translated through timeless, uncomplicated clothing that defines classic sportswear — it feels right and what women are looking for in a world compressed by seismic cultural changes.

We focused on layering, mixing-and-matching and comfort. Unfussy silhouettes, feminine prints and patterns, and materials that feel luxurious to wear. Easy caftans, dresses and tunics, poplin blouses with removable lace collars, sweaters with a retro vibe, softly tailored suits and trousers in crepe, cotton and lightweight wool, some with pull-up waists and cinched ankles. Handbags and shoes are classic and artisanal — macramé, crochet and rattan are mixed with the softest leathers and suede. Roomy, collapsible leather totes, basket-weave shoulder bags, tassel clutches, a new take on a Capri sandal and gathered suede slides add a bit of effortless and chic elegance.

Everything is meant to be layered and worn again and again.” — Tory