Click to shop. Clockwise from top left: Ten Thousand Villages Raffia Basket; Hand in Hand Bar Soap Set; Ten Thousand Villages Chopsticks; Tory Burch Foundation Embrace Ambition Bracelets; Tory Burch Foundation Seed Box; and Tory Burch Printed Face Masks.

basket seedbox soap masks chopsticks bracelet

Gift giving feels good, but gift giving feels best when said gift does good. Our printed face masks? What better way to give back to your community than to #wearadamnmask. The Tory Daily editors also have their eye on this soap bar set from Hand to Hand — they smell great, feel even better and they provide soap and clean water for children in need — as well as just about everything from Ten Thousand Villages. Ten Thousand Villages works to break the cycle of poverty by selling handmade products from artisans around the world — handcrafted chopsticks from Kenya, raffia baskets from Uganda… Each purchase directly impacts the life and community of its maker. Our Embrace Ambition Bracelets and Seed Box also give back with 100% of all net proceeds from both products benefitting the Tory Burch Foundation. Above, six presents friends and family will love (and a purchase you can feel proud of).