Meet Ozzie: a (stylish) symbol of strength and reliability.

Astrologer and Tory Daily contributor Susie Cox gives us her take on the Year of the Ox:

Welcome to the Lunar New Year! On February 12, the Rat will be replaced with the Ox. The Ox is dependable, patient, fair and a good listener. It is the workaholic of all the Chinese animals. The tireless Ox prefers to stick to a routine and standard conventions. A typical Ox person is often in a position of authority and responsibility. The Ox has an uncluttered mind who prefers traditions and fixed patterns. There are no surprises with the Ox.

Chinese astrology uses five elements — metal, water, wood, fire and earth —and 12 animals, creating a 60-year system. Every year, the animal changes, but the element stays the same for two consecutive years. For 2020 and 2021, that element is metal.

The element of metal makes the Ox even more determined, and the challenge of the Metal Ox is to not take things too seriously. Many could work themselves into exhaustion and need to remember to also be happy and play. Balance will be important for this year.