Tory on set of our Fall/Winter 2021 photoshoot at the Odeon — a Parisian-style restaurant and New York City institution

“Fall/Winter 2021 is inspired by New York City. It is both the dream and the reality of possibilities…opportunity, creativity and diversity.

The collection reinterprets American luxury, channeled through the attitude of classic New York. Timeless pieces that are grounded in the reality of how women want to dress. It starts with the idea of seasonless dressing and layers, the foundation of wardrobes women will reimagine in their own way. Knit turtlenecks and mock-necks are worn with almost everything, under crisp cotton shirts and feminine shirtdresses or with men’s suiting with softer proportions, all of which can be styled differently for warmer weather. Accessories and jewelry add dimension to the layers: louche hobos and structured crescent bags, loafers, curved-heel boots and gold and multi-button chokers.” — Tory Burch