Leo dislikes: Not being treated like a king or queen. Fortunately, that’s not something Mick Jagger ever has to worry about. Photograph by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images.

Creative, passionate, good-humoured… There is a lot to love about Leo’s. From July 22 through August 22, we’re celebrating the fire sign in all its glory. Below, astrologer and Tory Daily contributor Susie Cox tells us what’s in store for all of the zodiacs.

Happy Birthday, grand Leo. This will be an excellent birthday month for you! The biggest planet in size and success, Jupiter, is aligning with you now. You are always confident, but Jupiter will give you an extra boost of assurance, not that you need it. This is your time to expand your horizons. Think Big, dear Leo!

You are in for quite an exciting month, Virgo. Venus enters Virgo on July 22nd and Mars enters Virgo on July 29th. Venus is about art, music, joy and yes, love. Mars is all about action and moving forward. This is your month for unbridled creativity, happiness and love. Oh yes, organize things too.

Venus, who has been in Virgo, will now enter your sign of Libra on August 16th and she will remain there all the way until September 10th. Venus happens to be your planet, dear Libra, so you are more connected with her than most signs. Use this window in time to go through your closet and upgrade your wardrobe. Oh darn, what tough homework.

Your power date this month is the middle of August when you will encounter an unexpected business opportunity. Make sure to accomplish your due diligence before your sign anything. Make sure you are in charge. This will be a learning curve for you that will change your life.

You know your Sagittarius doesn’t like many rules. Well, this month you will have some who want you to march to their tunes and not to your music. You might have to compromise a bit, but be sure not to lose your independent spirit. Who is in charge? My bets are on you, dear Sag.

There is a perfect triangle in earth signs now and your Capricorn Sun is involved and loving it. With both Mars and Venus in Virgo, you are feeling extra organized and ready to move forward with conviction. Is this your time to start that new project? The answer is yes!

The Full Moon is in your sign of Aquarius twice this month! The first Full Moon is on July 23rd and the second one on August 22nd. It’s quite rare for this to happen and means you will have an extraordinary month. You can expect unusual synchronicities that will be a sign of confirmation that you’re on the right track.

Jupiter just entered Pisces on May 14th and he will remain there until July 28th, at which time Jupiter will retrograde back into Aquarius. Jupiter enters Pisces again on December 29 and will remain in Pisces for most of 2022. Jupiter will bring you new opportunities. This is just a preview of what’s to come.

This will be a very social month for you, dear Aries. If you have felt cooped up lately, don’t feel bad. Now is your time to reach out and feel more connected. Very likely you will run into some friends from the past and will maybe rekindle your friendship in a new way.

You will be making some important decisions this month that will mean learning some new things. Even though you have been cozy for quite a while, things are starting to change. Know how strong you are so you can embrace the new, because it’s inevitable.

You just agreed to move forward with some cool projects. That means you will need to push yourself to the next level and create the new and improved version of your life. Yes, it will stretch you a little, but it will make you stronger. Growth occurs on the other side of your comfort zone.

Both Venus and Mars are in the sign of Virgo this month, which you could use to your benefit. Your sign of Cancer loves food. When is the last time you cleaned out your cupboards and drawers in your kitchen? If it’s been a while, never fear, because Virgo is here! Once you tackle the first cupboard, the rest will be easy. You will be so happy you did, because you will find things you didn’t even know you had!