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As we roll into fall, keep an open mind to lessons from a Libra. Diplomatic, personable, and balance-seeking, this air-sign can teach us a thing or two about responsibly leading new initiatives. During Libra season (September 23-October 22), we’ll lean into personal affairs and career ambitions with a positive mindset. Keep reading to learn more from Tory Daily contributor and astrology expert Susie Cox.

Happy Birthday, sweet Libra. This will be a powerful birthday month for you since Mercury will be doing a retrograde in your sign from September 26th through October 17th. This doesn’t happen that often and is a great opportunity to rethink your life. What do you want to change to create something new? Now is the time.

Venus has been in your sign of Scorpio since September 10th and will be there until October 6th. Venus is about beauty, so this is a great time for selfcare. Are you up for a new look? What about a different haircut? Venus will be helping you now to upgrade your style.

After Venus left Scorpio, your Sagittarius is next to benefit from this beautiful planet as she enters your sign on October 7th. Art, music, creativity and yes, love all are part of Venus. If you are in the mood for some extra pleasure, Venus in Sag is your chance. Open up to new adventures this month and you will be happy you did.

Mid-October will be a likely time to reassess relationships. You might find that people are reacting more quickly and being impatient. Please don’t take this personally, because it’s their issue. The best thing you can do is be your calm, logical Capricorn self to soothe their wild, impulsive energies.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are in your sign of Aquarius now and will be there until the end of the year, when Jupiter leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. The rest of 2021 will offer you some new opportunities that you just can’t pass up. This is very rare, so make use of this positivity while it’s here. Say Yes!

Mercury is retrograde for most of this month so this is a great time for you to look at your routines and see if there are any patterns you want to change. The retrograde could point out some challenges with relationships that need to be adjusted. It’s time.

The Full Moon is in your sign of Aries on October 19th. This only happens once a year and it is your time to shine. Take your friends and family out and watch the Sun set in the west and then turn around and watch the Moon rise in the east. It’s your magical moment. Yes, you can howl at the Moon.

You have several planets moving through your house of other people’s money this month. Now is the time to make appointments with your financial advisors to look at your money matters. As a Taurus, you handle your finances very well, so this is just some fine tuning.

The North Node or point of destiny is in Gemini now and will be there for the rest of 2021. Use this year of opportunity to move forward in your life. This won’t happen again for another 19 years, so accomplish as much as you can now while the focus is on you. Amazing things will appear.

The last week in September is your power time this month. Both creative Venus and spiritual Neptune are aligning nicely with your Sun. This is the time to look at your home and surroundings with new eyes. If you are in the mood to paint some walls, please do it. Art and beauty are in the air now for you.

Mercury is doing a retrograde in the house of your mind this month, so you will want to look at things differently. Don’t feel bad if you change your mind and are no longer interested in old projects. Yes, you can switch gears and this is the month to allow yourself to say No to anything that doesn’t excite you.

This will be a financial month for you, dear Virgo. Are you ready to make some changes with your career? You have been thinking about this for quite a while and finally the planets are lining up so you can do it. Be bold and create your future in a new way.