Artist Diana ‘Didi’ Rojas at her Brooklyn studio wearing our Velour Track Jacket, Joggers and Good Luck Trainer, which she recreated in porcelain.
You can never have too many shoes. Not if you’re Diana ‘Didi’ Rojas. The Columbia-born, Brooklyn-based artist creates ceramic shoes that have made waves across industries, grabbing the attention of fashion designers and gallery owners alike. Recently, Rojas reimagined our Good Luck Trainer in her signature style, resulting in an incredibly realistic porcelain sneaker. She has spent the last decade dedicated to ceramics and has experienced countless successes, from her first solo exhibition in 2019, You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie, to brand collaborations.

Rojas’s work — which will be on display at Hashimoto Contemporary next month and at Launch F18 Gallery in 2022 — explores themes of consumerism and identity. “Shoes are self-portraits of their wearers,” she tells us. “They are a reflection of who we are, what we do and what we like.” When asked if she would consider a different subject, the artist explained that the series is ongoing: “There are endless shoes out there!”

There sure are.