Thrill-seeking Aquarius James Dean was passionate about cars, and even dabbled in professional racing. Photo by John Springer Collection via Getty Images.

It’s time to think big. Independence is a priority for air-sign Aquarians (January 20-February 18), and, during their zodiac season, you’ll find your footing, too. Here, discover ways to maximize this time of year from Tory Daily contributor and astrology-expert Susie Cox.

Happy Birthday, dear Aquarius! This will be a powerful month of transition for you. Mercury is retrograde in your sign and therefore will bring a time of release. Consciously let go of anything you no longer need or that doesn’t make you happy anymore. It will be easy, like ice melting away, and then you will feel free!

Jupiter is now fully in your sign of Pisces and will be there for the entire year of 2022. Lucky you. Jupiter has been named the Great Benefic and brings good fortune and abundance. Since he is only in Pisces once in 12 years, this is your year to blossom. Think big!

This is your month to reinvent yourself as much as you can. Are you feeling restless or held down by others? If your answer was Yes, you are ready for a change and now is the time. Why wait? Aries aren’t very good at waiting around, as you well know.

Are you feeling different? This is the time to be open to new opportunities. The benevolent North Node has just entered your sign of Taurus and will be there for the next 1 ½ years. You will feel more empowered and stronger than you have felt in many years. The question is – how are you going to use this new power?

Your Gemini Sun is in harmony with the planets now in Aquarius. They are both air signs and like each other. You will feel more social and will be attracting new groups of friends during this time. Don’t stay in your head, Gemini, be active and have fun. Try something new to stimulate your Gemini curiosity.

Venus and Mars are now in the opposite sign of Capricorn now and will be connecting with your Sun in Cancer. You are probably the matriarch or patriarch of your family and you will get a chance to use that position this month. If you are up for a family reunion, mid-February is your time. Have old photo albums to stimulate conversations about shared memories.

The Full Moon will be in your sign of Leo on February 16th. Even though it’s in the middle of the week, get dressed in your finest and do the town with good friends. Insist that everyone dresses up in grand Leo style. What a fun Full Moon you will have. Strut your stuff, Leo!

There are several planets in earth signs now, dear Virgo. Since you are an earth sign, you will be supported by all these other planets. You will feel safe, secure and taken care of by the Universe now. This is a universal law, but you get it now. Deal with business and tackle tough projects, that somehow will seem easier than you thought.

The South Node has just entered your sign of Scorpio and will remain there for the next 1 ½ years. This is your time to reevaluate your life and let go of anything that no longer serves you. Much of this you have already released, but there might be a little more. Be brutal, Scorpio. Gone!

You have a few planets in your house of early home now. If you are reliving your past in an unusual way, it is meant to be. What have you learned since you were a child? Notice how much better everything is now and what a fantastic job you have done with your life. Congratulations, dear Libra!

Mars has been going through your sign of Sagittarius since December 13th and will leave on January 24th. Mars is super energizing, which your Sag already has plenty of energy, so you can relax a bit soon. Reflect on all you got accomplished during that time and finish any minute details that might be still there.

On January 25th, Mars will enter your sign of Capricorn and will remain there until March 6th. Mars loves being in Capricorn because you are a workaholic anyway, so Mars can get a lot done in your sign. Plan for having a busy and productive couple of months ahead of you.







2月16日に獅子座で満月が起こります。週の半ばではありますが、 最高におしゃれをして、仲の良い友達と街に出かけましょう。友達みんなにもドレスアップするように声をかけてみては?格別に楽しい満月になります。獅子座らしさを貫きましょう!