Our Embrace Ambition Summit is back for its third year with a full day of inspiring conversations and speeches from leaders in business, entertainment, science, social justice and sports. Kicking things off, Tory shared an inspiring message to audience members around the world. Below are a few of our favorite moments from her speech.

“When you change the life of a woman, you can change the trajectory of a family. When you change a family, you can change a community. Change enough communities, and you change a country. And when we clear the obstacles that stand between a woman and her dreams… We can change the world.”

“As I was thinking about what I wanted to say at this summit, it occurred to me that I wasn’t taking the advice I give to every single entrepreneur and woman I work with. And that’s to own my ambition — to be proud of the amazing work we at our company and our foundation have done to move the needle on women’s issues. One thing we’ve never publicly said is how much money our company has given to support women and marginalized communities over the last 17 years. So I called our CFO and asked for a number: “What have our financial contributions actually been?” Today, I’m proud to announce that the Tory Burch company has invested more than $63 million dollars to support women entrepreneurs and empower women.”

“If there isn’t a path – you can make a path. For yourself and for others.”

“Before we begin our day, I want to ask you to close your eyes and picture a world where ALL women are able to embrace their ambition… I see a world where women are free to make the choices that are right for them — and not be penalized for those choices. I see a world where more men are true allies in the work around women’s issues. I see a world where more policies take into account the needs of women and their families. I see a world where women — who make up 50 percent of entrepreneurs — don’t get less than 3 percent of venture capital. They get 50. I see a world where no woman is asked, as I once was, “Are you ambitious?” — as if it’s a negative. And I see a world where women’s equality is a given, not a favor.”