A new take on the age-old question, “What shall I wear?”

Tory partnered with Abrams to reissue Claire McCardell’s 1956 book, What Shall I Wear?, a mostly timeless guide to taking risks and having fun with fashion. The book is filled with witty one-liners and style advice from the legendary American designer, whose ingenuity and empowering designs inspired our Spring/Summer 2022 collection. For the book’s foreword, Tory writes: “One of the things I love most about fashion is that it can make you feel differently — more confident, more beautiful, more like you. Claire McCardell understood this when she said, “dress for yourself” — not for anyone else.”

What Shall I Wear? contains countless lessons in life and fashion — some of which, we admit, are comically outdated — and continues to be a fun and insightful read for women of all ages.