Taiwan-based entrepreneur Melinda Wang on a recent visit to New York City.

A happy and healthy mom is a good mom. That’s the philosophy to which beauty entrepreneur Melinda Wang subscribes. The CEO and co-founder of vegan skincare line Nomel makes sure to prioritize taking care of herself so as not to fall prey to a draining mindset of martyrdom or sheer burnout, while running a business and taking care of her two-year-old daughter. “Your healthy attitude toward sleep, food and discipline will affect your children in the most important ways,” she explains. Melinda spoke with Tory Daily about the underrated benefits of double cleansing, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and how she finds balance as a mom.

The ethos of Nomel is…self-expression through imperfection, together. When you flip the word “nomel,” it reads “lemon.” Lemons usually suggest sourness or difficulty in life; but to us, it’s a state of mind and you can always flip your thoughts around and turn life into lemonade – something positive. We want to remind you to embrace the feelings, beauty and thoughts of all people, while putting out quality products that promise to deliver results. The products are a way to communicate with our community. We want to develop a series of lifestyle products that can be integrated into every aspect of life.

The most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur…is that I can conquer all kinds of challenges with my team, while maintaining our core intention of why we started the brand in first place, as well as leading the brand into a brighter future! Being an entrepreneur is such a blessing to me personally. It really is a one-of-a-kind journey, full of ups and downs, full of experiences and memories.

And the most challenging…establishing a mutual bond with the team. My mission as a founder and CEO is to nurture an understanding, compassionate, and empathetic community. But building relationships is a two-way street. Keeping emotional intelligence in mind really is an ongoing lesson!

My daily skincare routine is…fairly simple. I start with a double cleanse. Usually, people disregard this step, but if you cleanse right, you’re halfway done and working toward a solid foundation. On a regular basis, my second step would be a renewal solution to exfoliate and speed up cell turnover. Then an essence to help soothe my skin and enhance previous treatments. I have dry skin, so a rich cream to lock in hydration is key. Maintaining a good skin barrier and acid mantle health is the first defense your skin needs. Adding a facial oil strengthens hydration retention whilst leaving my skin soft and radiant. Finally, sunscreen for protection and anti-aging.

Three things every mom needs to have in her bag…lip balm because I hate the feeling of chapped lips, hand cream because it combats pigmentation and premature wrinkles, and a small mirror to keep your mom look in check! I am always about self-care, anywhere and everywhere I go!

After my daughter is in bed, I relax with…a well-orchestrated reality show. There’s nothing more relaxing. I love putting on a sheet mask and letting myself indulge with a healthy dose of silly shows.

If I had 24-hours without childcare or work, I would…most likely fit in a work-out session to sweat out all my worries and toxins. Then call up my other half or friends for a chill night out.

The best of piece of advice about motherhood I’ve ever received…your healthy attitude toward sleep, food and discipline will affect your children in the most important ways. Leading by example is key!






如果您有 24 小时的自由时间,既不需要照顾孩子,也不需要工作,您会选择做什么?