The runway handbags were an evolution of longtime brand signatures, propelled into new territory with novel shapes and experimental techniques.

Let’s Talk Shopper
In sharp contrast to its elegant, ladylike origins, the Lee Radziwill Shopper has a masculine feel. The original style’s soft layers have been flattened and sharpened in paper thin leather with the signature belt placed at its center. As seen on the runway, the bag is designed to carry as a slim shopper tote and, when folded in half, a shoulder or messenger bag.

Take the Reins
Last season’s ergonomic Fleming minaudière was updated with a slim leather harness that allows it to be carried over the shoulder. It comes molded with soft vachetta leather and in acrylic patterned inside and out with a marbleized motif, the result of a new technique that models a print in 3D.