The collection’s undone and, at times, off-kilter, femininity was echoed in the models’ hair and makeup. Hairstylist Guido Palau created clean, smooth side parts with “a lot of shine,” to fit with the angular lines of the collection. Then he added an extra-long, skinny braid that fell from the nape straight down the models’ backs. “It’s like a whip,” explained Guido. “It’s a bit subversive.”

Makeup artist Diane Kendal described the beauty look as a push-pull between the perfect and the undone. For the former, it was sharply defined, almost boyish brows using Nars Brow Perfector and nude lips with Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. For the latter, it was clean dewy skin with Nars Light Reflecting Foundation and Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder and a hint of shine on the cheekbone, created with a Triple X Lip Gloss.

Finally, nail artist Bana Jarjour and her team gave each model gently pointed acrylics in Essie’s Caviar Bar, a deep, dark navy gel.