Photograph courtesy of Vanessa Jackman

How the British blogger handles the Paris scene.

Fashion Week — what will you be wearing?
Different coats; layers that mix textures; not too much black unless there is great shape or texture

…And if it rains?
My red bamboo handled umbrella, lots of hats and leather waterproof shoes… no suede here!

What bag do you carry? 
I have one for each outfit. I am hoping to ‘borrow’ a few vintage gems from my mother. Otherwise YSL Downtowns and Chanel bags.

Survival weapons:
Bottle of water, Google maps, blister plasters and tissues.

Indispensable beauty product:
Mascara and red lipstick, with Eve Lom cleanser to remove it.

Required reading: and a non-fashion book so I don’t go insane, like Balzac’s Cousin Bette.

Most coveted show invite:

Where you eat:
I love the Croque Monsieur at the Crillon, the macaroons at Pierre Hermé and the suppers at L’Arpège.

Where do you relax?
Sitting by the Seine in the evenings, eating ice cream near Pont Saint Louis