There’s no denying a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to French style. A little effortless, a lot of chic, it’s hard to parse and pin down — or is it? Paris Street Style does exactly that, cluing the reader in on the French look. Here, a few select quotes from the tastemakers interviewed.

“The sophistication of French women is down to detail: the association of two colors, the choice of a single piece of jewelry.” — Jean-Christophe Hérault, Perfumer

“[A French woman] is self-sufficient. She immediately brings her personality to the forefront.” — Odile Gilbert, Hairstylist

“A person with style is someone who has grace and a kind of bloom about them, who knows themselves inside out, who knows what suits them and plays with it.” — Pascale Monvoisin, Jewelry Designer

“The French woman herself resembles Paris: She’s chic, but she’s also raffishly at ease in low company.” — Alexandre Vauthier, Designer