Tory and friends celebrate the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia

It was a New York art world moment — about 90 miles south, give or take, in the leafy environs of Philadelphia.
On Wednesday evening, Tory co-hosted a dinner at the Barnes Foundation, where she’s a new board member, to shine a spotlight on the institution’s storied collections and some newer exhibits, like Yinka Shonibare’s Magic Ladders show. Here’s your exclusive glimpse at the event — which included guests such as Jeff Koons, Vito Schnabel and Simon and Michaela de Pury. Plus learn what Dr. Samantha Boardman — who was a co-host with Salon 94 gallerist Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn — has to say about the night and her personal art obsessions…

Dr. Samantha Boardman:

Favorite moment of the night…
That “pinch me now” moment as you enter the Barnes galleries and are enveloped by the ensembles. It is elevating.

Favorite work or room at the Barnes Foundation
I love van Gogh’s portrait of a postman. It is a captivating picture and placed in a by-the-way place in the corner of the second gallery. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of a somewhat rough-appearing-though-kind man with a beautiful background. The eyes are especially captivating and convey goodness and decency. There is a quiet dignity about this man that is mesmerizing.

My very first art obsession…
The Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I learned about it in second grade
on a school trip and its magic never goes away.