Photographs courtesy of Amangiri Resort
Some of the most breathtaking views and breath-taking-away hikes in the world are in and around the Grand Circle, where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet. It’s in the nook of Utah, with it’s sun-bleached swirling cliffs — as if painted on perfectly — that the Amangiri Resort offers luxurious respite for thrill-seekers, kayakers, mountain climbers and trail hikers who explore nearby Bryce Canyon and Lake Powell. And for those leaning towards relaxing, the getaway offers yoga under the moon, hot air ballooning and personalized adventures that mix a little of this and that. Everything at the Amangiri blends into and complements the million-year-old landscape around it, whether it’s the sandy-colored geometric architecture cut in and around the mountains or the way every suite has a stunning view of what seems like every star in the night sky.