Photographed by Margaret Zhang
The color red can mean any number of things — love, anger, power — but in Asia, and especially for the Lunar New Year, it symbolizes happiness, good luck and prosperity. That’s why it’s everywhere during the holiday, from decorative cut-outs and paper lanterns to red clothing and the money-filled hong bao handed out by elders to younger friends and family. There’s folklore attached to the tradition, too. The legend begins with a mythological beast named Nian who, at the end of the lunar year, would destroy villages and devour its inhabitants — until an old beggar man, some say a deity, scared it away by putting up red papers and lighting firecrackers. So there’s potency to the color and… it’s also plenty chic to boot. Just check out actress Kate Bosworth, above, in Tory’s Lucea sweater and maxi skirt with the Gemini Link pom-pom small cross-body. For more pretty pops of red — to ward off bad luck and attract good fortune; who doesn’t need that? — head to our special Lunar New Year boutique.


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美国知名演员Kate Bosworth,也身着Tory Burch Lucea毛衣与Maxi半裙,搭配Gemini Link pom-pom小挎包演绎新年新衣的时尚造型。红色的绒球装饰象征连连好运,谁不想拥有呢?在这个农历新年,Tory Burch还有更多新衣灵感。