Photographs courtesy of Mon Voir
A funny thing happened to paper invites and notecards with the rise of digital: Instead of fading back, pushed out by snaps, grams, evites, texts and tweets, printed forms of communication became more elevated and special. They’ve become treasured mementos and keepsakes, making an emotional impact in a way that a simple text can’t. You post when you want to communicate X to Z, but you send out a wonderfully crafted invite when you want to make a statement.

And details matter, whether gilt edging or patterned envelope liners. Trending right now: painterly touches, which boost the personalized factor and lets you incorporate motifs, colors and themes that speak to your story. Some illustrators to know include Mon Voir’s Jenna Rainey and Stephanie Fishwick, who have both made a name for themselves in the bespoke stationery industry, designing everything from, respectively, standout velvet folios to exquisite botanical collages. “One client in particular had a fabulous wedding in Cartagena,” Fishwick told Tory Daily. “Her wedding gown designer embroidered the botanicals from my designs and the monogram I did for them on the back on the train. That was incredible!”

Photographs courtesy of Stephanie Fishwick