Cut loose like nobody’s looking (because they aren’t)…
Welcome to the reality, where your daily calendar is likely a flurry of Zoom appointments, Skype conferences, and FaceTime sessions with your friends and family. It’s a lot, but we still recommend you pencil in one more thing. The digital dance parties that have been popping up are giving us the release and endorphin boost that we need during the quarantine. Attending these virtual boogie sessions is so much easier than going dancing ever used to be. Just tune into the live feed of your choice, prop your phone up on the kitchen counter, and jump around with abandon. (Bonus move: set your background image to a picture of, say, Versailles or Studio 54 from the heyday.)  Here are three parties we keep coming back to:

The Juggernaut
Club Quarantine by DJ-Nice

This is the biggest bash of the bunch, attended by everyone from Rihanna, Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Senator Bernie Sanders. Cult DJ’s viral Instagram dance party, which takes on Instagram Live several nights a week, is the place to see and be seen—or if you just want to hear it, he’s posting his uplifting “Homeschool” playlists on Spotify.

The Insiders’ Choice
Ryan Heffington

In-demand Los Angeles choreographer Ryan Heffington usually teaches dance lessons at his studio The Sweat Spot, working with the likes of Sia and Christine and the Queens. These days, though, he goes live from his living room, and thousands of followers around the world get to move along with the mustachioed legend several times a week. These high-energy and surprisingly easy to follow sessions are the ultimate release.

The Work-From-Home Respite

Working from home can be quite the pressure cooker—all stress, no water cooler talk. Thank goodness for the mid-day dance party on New York exercise studio Forward Space’s Instagram Live, starting at 2:05 EST every single day. Even if you’re stuck on a Skype meeting, you’d be within your rights to mute yourself from your colleagues, get off the couch, and grant yourself five minutes of undisputed joy. It will boost your mood and your productivity.