Diana Vreeland in her office, in a trademark ensemble of dark knits, May 1, 1953. Photo by Ben Martin/Getty Images.
Perhaps it’s because creativity thrives under constraints. Or maybe it has something to do with fashion people knowing a thing or two about personal branding. Whatever the reason, the work-uniform game at the Tory office is crazy strong.

A day-in day-out style—which was good enough for Diana Vreeland, Steve Jobs, and Queen Elizabeth—has multiple advantages. There’s less to think about first thing in the morning, so you can get down to business ASAP. And when you make a commitment to a family of staples that you know work for you, you’re less likely to buy pieces that you’ll end up regretting. We asked three #TeamTory members with major personal style to walk us through their work uniforms.

Suki Wong, V.P. Design, Special Projects

I’m not the girlie type. Florals and overly pretty things have never been my style–I’m more into military-style pieces. My wardrobe has lots and lots of tan and khaki, and patterns. I’d wear the Reversible Trench with the Twill Floral Safari Shirt, which I like because it has a tomboy cut. And jeans. Jeans are my friends!

Astrid Lofdahl, Senior Manager, VIP & Influencer Relations

When I first started working in fashion I used to go all out for the office uniform as in pretty out there dresses, sky high heels and chandelier earrings…which resulted in some pain, frustrating mornings not knowing what to wear and a bit of personal debt…but at least I made a statement.

These days I learned to prioritize comfort over statement-making, but I still like to mix some of the fun iconic pieces to make it my own. For the days with big meetings, events or even just when my mood is high – I enjoy trying out the statement blouses, day dresses and color popping shoes. For SS20 I’m very excited about the printed bow blouses and Tory Charm Ballet Flats in bright red.

Sarah Stark, VP, Digital Creative

I don’t strictly follow this uniform — rules were meant to be broken — but my defaults are: monochromatic or tonal dressing, classic stripes, pants and almost always flat shoes. I want to be someone who wears heels, but I’m just not! My favorite colors are practically non-colors: navy, white, gray. If it’s in the form of a turtleneck or blazer, even better.