Song by Keedron Bryant.

In the days after George Floyd’s senseless death, our founder was moved to write this:

“It’s three days since the death of George Floyd and our hearts remain broken. It’s taken a while to write something, and the truth is I don’t know what to say, but I must say something.

I pride myself on leading with my heart as well as my head. And my heart says that it’s time for us all to be brave, to truly imagine losing an innocent son, daughter, father, mother, or friend. It’s time to feel our heartbreak and use that emotion as fuel. Each of us must be willing to step outside our comfort zones and to take action in service of change.

It’s time for change. #justiceforgeorge #Justiceforall

Please join us in texting “FLOYD” to 55156, and sign the petition from @changedotorg.” — Tory