The annual festival DESIGNART Tokyo returns this week — October 23 through November 3 — and Tory Burch is proud to exhibit seven artworks by artist Risa Murakami at its Ginza store location. Below, we learn a bit about the Japanese-style painter.

I knew I had to be an artist when…

My father was a Japanese painter, so I was exposed to art from a young age. My parents also created an environment at home where I could draw freely at any time — they told me that there was always plenty of drawing paper and crayons by my bedside when I would take a nap, and I would fall asleep while drawing.

I draw inspiration from…

The beauty of nature, but especially shadows and the light of plants and trees reflected on water. I go out to look for subjects such as untouched ponds and rivers. The surface of the water changes its expression in an instant, depending on the season, weather and time of day. I always feel that it is like a mirror that reflects my mind as I paint the many faces of the water.

I aim to combine the traditional techniques of Japanese painting with modern interior design.

Hours a day I spend working…

I usually work in my studio for 5 or 6 hours, but, when it comes to the finishing process, I sometimes stay in my studio for 10 or more hours with the help of my family.

When my children were little, I was not able to make time for my work. Now that my youngest daughter is in high school, I am very grateful to have more time to concentrate on it.

And when I’m not working…

We try to spend time together as a family. We try to have meals together and, on a sunny day, we enjoy barbecuing on the balcony. When I am in my studio, they come in freely and talk about their happiness, sadness and futures. I want to support them as much as I can, just as my parents always understood and supported me in what I wanted to do.

To see my artwork hanging in the Tory Burch Ginza store…

I am very honored and thrilled to have this opportunity and I am very excited to create a memorable exhibition that will leave a lasting impression on the audience.

I hear that Tory Burch Ginza store is like a reproduction of Tory’s house, so having my artwork displayed there is exactly what I have been aiming for with my artwork — a fusion of Japanese painting and modern interior design.

I embrace ambition by…

There is a great joy in finishing a painting that I have devoted myself to. It is what motivates me to create the next one.

And the person who inspires me to embrace ambition is…

My husband. He has been watching me work since his student days and is my biggest supporter. He helps me look for good landscapes and gives me precise advice when I’m painting or struggling with something. He has inspired me a lot.

デザイン&アートの祭典DESIGNART TOKYOが今年も10月23日から11月3日まで開催されます。

トリー バーチ銀座店では、日本画家の村上里沙氏を迎えて店内7点の作品を展示いたします。今回は、彼女についていくつかの質問をしてみました。












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